The Magic Begins!


THE JUNGLE BROOKEHello! I am the Jungle Brooke, and yesterday marked 5 months until I move to Orlando, Florida to work at Walt Disney World!!! I am going to be a cast member through the Fall 2018 Disney College Program and could not be more excited. I have been dreaming of working for Disney for as long as I can remember, so I am still a little shocked over it all. Catch your girl this Fall working Attractions!

~Disney circa 2000~ I am giving Mickey some serious side eye. Also can we take a second to appreciate my mom and her Hercules inspired arm band, such a 90’s fashion icon

Which park will I be working in and which ride? Only time will tell! I believe I will find out when I arrive in Florida in August. But until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for either Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom and hopefully a pretty cute costume. A lot of people have asked me which ride I would prefer to work. While I really don’t have much of a preference, I think two of the coolest rides would either be The Jungle Cruise or Pirates of the Caribbean. I love how both of those rides have such a specific theme and I mean, who wouldn’t love to wear the cute Jungle Cruise outfit and give the famous Jungle Cruise Skipper spiel everyday? But besides those two, I love Fantasyland and would be thrilled to work at ANY of the rides there. Adventureland would be really cool too like the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. In Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest would be a really cool experience, or working in PANDORA!! This new addition to Animal Kingdom is one of the things I am most excited to see during my program, so how cool would it be to be working in it?! But like I said, I would be very happy with any attraction and will have a ton of fun with it.

~Disney circa 2012~ I went from giving Mickey side glances to giving mickey lots of kisses

I also have been receiving a lot of questions about the Disney College Program and my application experience, so I want to give you a quick run down. I have been talking about doing DCP for a long time now and had always planned to hopefully do it going into my Junior Year of college. Coming back from Christmas break, I had been eagerly waiting for applications to drop because everyone said to apply ASAP when the app drops. Based on last year, I knew it would come out some time in late January. THE ANTICIPATION WAS KILLING ME!! Until…. Disney dropped a lil hint on their insta about DCP Fall 18 applications coming out soon and I was freaking out! I immediately texted my mom and sisters (in our fam group message) and was soo excited. So anyways, the application came out on Monday, January 22nd. FINALLY!! I filled out the application that day at work and was kind of shocked by how brief it was. There was no where to attach a resume (which I had been polishing that whole past month lol), and it simply had you list work experience and preferences for Walt Disney World or Disneyland, Fall or Fall Advantage, and which roles you were interested in. This really surprised me because I was expecting a very lengthy and detailed applications because I mean, IT’S DISNEY!! We are talking about one of the top companies in the world! So it really surprised me. I got so nervous about my application and the way I worded my answers that I waited almost a whole week to submit my app! I went to the career center on campus for help, but sadly she was extremely unhelpful, (I waited 1 1/2 hours and she helped me for maybe 15 minutes, I was very annoyed), and then waited until I was with my mom that weekend to have her look over my app before I submitted it. Side note, my mom is like my best friend so I obviously needed to have her by my side when I submitted my app. I finally submitted the application on Saturday, January 27th, (5 days after apps dropped), and then I put my phone away and went to eat with my mom. LITERALLY 20 MINUTES LATER, I GOT MY WBI!!! I was shocked because everyone on the Facebook DCP groups were freaking out and saying it can take a long time to hear back and most people are stuck in “applied” for quite a bit of time. So it was such a great feeling to see I had moved on to the next round so quickly! So then I completed my web-based interview that night which is basically a series of personality questions. Immediately after taking that, I found out I passed and got to schedule my phone interview. It was scheduled for 2 weeks after that and the waiting game was so hard! I just wanted to get it over with. But finally, the day came for my interview. It was on Friday, February 9th at 11:00am. That morning when I woke up, I was super nervous. I worked out and watched all of Fantasmic on Youtube while on the elliptical. Crazy Disney fan tip: watching Fantasmic or other Disney shows/videos while working out is a great way to make time pass by and it always motivates me to work out super hard. But back to the interview, I set up a bunch of Disney stuff surrounding my desk where I was going to sit during the interview to make me smile. I practiced a bunch of possible questions and made myself hot tea. The anticipation for my phone to ring when the clock struck 11 was unbearable. I was shaking I was so nervous! I knew that this was something that I wanted sooo bad and had been working so hard for, so I was definitely feeling the pressure. Finally when my phone rang, I took a huge deep breath, and then did my phone interview.

Me trying to come up with the perfect answers during my phone interview

It lasted about 15-20 minutes. After it was all over, I felt so nervous that my answers weren’t good enough and I immediately called my mom because I was freaking out a bit. But she made me feel so much better (as she always does) and reassured me that my answers sounded great. I thought the waiting game for my interview was bad, but this time the waiting game was TORTURE!! It was so scary just waiting to find out if I had been accepted or not. That Monday, the recruiters announced that there was going to be a wave of acceptances. I checked my email every second and refreshed my online portal constantly. I could barely focus at work or in class. I was seeing people all over the FB groups getting accepted and was starting to feel super nervous….

On Tuesday, February 13th, just 4 days after my phone interview…..I was walking out of class and checked my email when I saw an email from WDW Recruiting that said…. “Dear Brooke, Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World Resort!”

AHHH!! This was a literal dream come true! First things first, I called my mom and we were screaming together on the phone. I was shaking and fighting back tears (most likely freaking out the people walking around me) but I didn’t care!! I had found out my dream was coming true! While on the phone with my mom, I checked my offer and saw that I would be working Fall Attractions which made me so happy! I thought for sure I was going to get quick service food & beverage because my interviewer asked a lot of questions about that role. So when I saw Attractions I was truly thrilled because it is a very hands on role where you get to create a unique experience for the guests when they step foot on your ride. I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening and I am still a little in shock!

Mickey Ice Cream Bar <3

So that is how the application process happened for me. Everyone’s process is unique and it all happens at different times and rates for different people. So if you are applying, don’t stress! Your time will come and even if it doesn’t happen the same way as someone else, everything will always work out the way it is suppose to. Following my acceptance, I hunted the FB pages for roommates who were the same age and had the same move-in date as me. I also started browsing all the online shops looking for different Disney merchandise, clothes, and EARS! The amount of ears I want is absolutely crazy, but maybe necessary, (just maybe 🙂 ).

So I will be keeping up with my blog, The Jungle Brooke, and my Disney Instagram account @the_junglebrooke all throughout my program and the time leading up to it! So follow along and I will keep you updated with all of the magic that this year brings. In my next posts, I will talk about my DCP character performer audition experience. I will also give you an inside scoop on all of the Disney stuff I have been spending my pay checks on (and all of the things I want to get!), my roommates (AH!!!), and my DCP Bucket List!! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below! But that’s all for now folks!

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