DCP Character Performer Auditions

On March 1st, 2018, I attended my first Disney character performer audition. You hear all of these crazy stories before you go about how ruthless these auditions are, but no amount of advice can prepare you for the actual experience that is a Disney audition. Beforehand, I heard that when you first started the audition, they would line you up and cut you based on your weight, nose, and ears. Thank goodness this did not happen. It is actually an extremely fun and exciting audition. Before this audition, I had only been to a few high school theatre production auditions, considering theatre and acting are just a fun hobby for me. So this audition kind of raised the bar a couple levels from those auditions where I didn’t stress too much since I just wanted to be in the chorus anyways. I have no dance experience whatsoever, and I am not an actor by any means. So coming to this audition was already a huge stretch and I didn’t have my expectations set too high. But…. I gave it my best shot and had SO much fun!! It’s not everyday that you get to audition for one of the top entertainment companies in the world!! So if you are heading to a Disney College Program Character Performer audition soon, don’t be nervous (it is so much fun and everyone is so sweet!) and go in with an open mind. Here is a run down of my audition experience.

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This was what I wore for my audition and I changed into jazz shoes when I got to the studio!

I auditioned in Frisco. TX, (listed as the Dallas audition on the Disney auditions website) at Legacy Dance Center. I had been chatting with a couple people from the DCP facebook groups through GroupMe and a couple of us decided to meet up beforehand at Starbucks! That morning I woke up and drank lots of coffee and headed to Frisco.

Backstory!! This semester I took only Tuesday/Thursday classes on purpose so that I wouldn’t miss any class for my audition… because it had always been on a Friday in past years. BUT OF COURSE… it was on a Thursday this year! And even worse…. I HAD AN EXAM THAT THURSDAY!!!

a literal depiction of me when I saw I had an exam the day of my audition

So I had a semi panic attack when I saw the audition date because I was NOT about to miss this audition! I immediately scheduled office hours with my professor who was such a doll and let me take the exam early.. Bless!

Anyways, back to the audition experience. So, after meeting some super sweet people beforehand at Starbucks, we headed to the audition. Check-in wasn’t until 10 am, but we got there at 9:30 am when the doors opened! So most of us from Starbucks got put in the first group with the first 50 people. There were just about 175 people at the audition in Dallas and it was the first stop for the DCP auditions, they also went to 8 other cities around the country. We had Kent as our Casting Director and he was so sweet and funny! They had us check in on our phones and gave us each numbers. I was #36 whoop whoop.

peep the sticky note lol, I’m all about self-motivation

I changed into some jazz shoes that I had borrowed because like I said, I have no dance experience and therefore own no appropriate dance attire items. So it was my first time wearing/performing in jazz shoes and I felt so professional lol. The choreographer taught us a quick 4 8-count dance routine (if you’ve watched vlogs or read other blogs about DCP auditions, it was the basic parade march routine). You also had to pick a character that was not a princess and do 4 8-counts of animation before the dance. I picked Pluto because he is such a fun character and I am in his height range! And then you went through and did the animation and the march dance 3 times for the casting director and that was it! It was such a fun moment though because they were like, “Imagine you are on Main Street in a parade in front of thousands of guests at Disney World!!” And that made it soooo much fun and I really felt like I was at Disney because the energy was so high and everyone was so kind and supportive.

After this, they made the cuts and cut the group down to about 10-15 people and this is where my audition came to an end. Of course at first I was a little bummed. But at the end of the day, I did my absolute best and had the time of my life! Some of the things that the casting directors told us really stuck with me. First, both the casting director and choreographer said that they both got cut their first audition and were QSFB during their first college program. Additionally, Kent reminded us that this process was completely out of our hands, and that someone could be perfect for a certain role or character, but they may not have any positions open for that role. Both of these things really stuck with me. With any audition, interview, or anything that makes you put yourself out there, rejection is hard. But staying positive and optimistic is the best way to overcome it! I knew my odds were slim going in considering my lack of acting and dancing experience, but I gave it my best shot and smiled the whole time because I was actually having fun!! Like I said, it’s not everyday that you get to audition for a company like Disney!

Dancers at the audition be like… and I am Kelsi

Shameless shoutout to my amazing DCP roomies!!!! We all auditioned in different cities and 4 of them made it all the way through!!!!!!!!! (SO PROUD <3!!!!) It was so fun seeing their snapchats and comparing our audition experiences. They are so talented and I am so excited for them. So fingers crossed, they are eagerly waiting to hear back! LOOK HOW CUTE!!

Anyways, after my audition, I met my mom for lunch and we had so much fun talking about my audition and looking forward to how fun working attractions is going to be. I am still so pumped that I am going to be an attractions worker this Fall!! …But I will most likely attend 1 or 2 more auditions for Disney just for the fun of it in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then I got to visit my sweet besties from UNT who of course raised my spirit. We brunched so hard and laughed for hours (what’s new though).


And finally, to treat myself after putting myself out there and working so hard for this audition… I bought lots of Disney things!!! I bought an Adventure Book scrapbook inspired by Up!, Tangled Mickey Ears from AlohaEarsDesign, and a Danielle Nicole Disney purse. Sometimes, online shopping is the best therapy. So that is a run down of my DCP character performer auditions. It is an experience that I will NEVER forget and something that I am so happy I did! If you are considering doing the DCP audition, DO IT!!! Coming from a girl who has very little performing experience, it is so worth all of the nerves. Don’t talk yourself out of it, you will regret not going for it!

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