5 Tips For How To Nail Your DCP Phone Interview

5 Tips to Nail Your DCP PI (1)

You did it!!! You are on the final stage of your Disney College Program application! The phone interview. This is easily the most intimidating and nerve racking part of the application process. Trust me, I know! Just one short month ago, I had my phone interview for the Fall 2018 program. I know how scary it is, but I also know how amazing the feeling is once you receive a congratulations email from Disney. So don’t stress, because you can do this! You have already passed the web-based interview and the written application, so Disney sees something in you! This is your last step. Follow these 5 tips and you are sure to nail your Disney College Program Phone Interview.

  1. Prepare.You have clearly already started preparing by doing your research and reading this article! However, there are a few other little things you can do to help you prepare for your phone interview.First and foremost, WRITE DOWN YOUR PHONE INTERVIEW TIME!!!!! I can’t stress this enough. When you sign up for your phone interview time, write it down on paper and in your calendar on your phone. Also, make sure to note what time zone the interview is listed in when you sign up for a time. For example, my interview was at 12:15pm Eastern time. I live in the Central time zone, so I made sure to write that my interview was at 11:15am, my time. Keep in mind that your interview may start 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late. My interview started 5 minutes early, so be ready.In addition, practice answering a few interview questions out loud before your interview. This may seem silly, but it is always good to practice answering a couple interview questions before any interview. Practice your basic interview questions (strengths and weaknesses, discussing work experience, why you want the job, etc.) and also practice a couple DCP specific questions. For example, think about why you want to do the program, your role preferences and why you would be qualified to perform those roles, what to do in case of an emergency, experience working with children, etc. They mainly asked me about Attractions, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and QSFB (and I received the job in attractions). They asked a lot about how my current job and past jobs can help me succeed in different positions in the parks. They also asked a lot about my experience as a nanny and working with kids. I was surprised by this, but they asked a lot about my experience living with others and how I would handle potentially living with 8 people. Be ready for anything!With that being said, try not to over-prepare or over-rehearse your answers!!! You don’t want to sound robotic or like you’re reading a script. So don’t practice too much or too hard. It is important to answer the questions organically. I had practiced over and over what I would say to, “Why do you want to do the Disney College Program,” because EVERYONE said that would be the first question. So I was shocked and very thrown off when my interviewer NEVER asked that question!! It threw me off for a solid minute and this was definitely because I over-prepared for that question.
    me when she didn’t ask why I wanted to do the DCP

    Finally, to finish your preparation process, set up a quiet room to use during your PI where you know you have good cell-phone reception. Make sure your phone is charged, grab a glass of water, and breathe.

  2. Stay Calm. It is really easy to freak out before, during, or after the PI. The most important thing to do is remain calm and take deep breaths. Before my interview, I was shaking and pacing in my room. Find a way to relax before your interview so you can focus on making all of your questions clear and complete. There are times during your interview where you may freak out because you think your answer was dumb or you said the wrong thing or wish you would’ve said something different.
    That feeling after you regret the answer you just gave

    It’s okay!! The interviewer knows that this is a nerve-racking experience and knows that you are only human. Remain calm and be confident in yourself and your answers. There is a reason that you have made it this far in the application process, so just move on and make your next answer even better.

  3. Smile the WHOLE TIME!!!! This doesn’t need much explanation. At Disney, you will be smiling all day everyday (on and off the job if you love Disney as much as I do! ). So get excited and smile during your interview! You are interviewing for the Walt Disney Company!!! This is a huge deal and it’s super exciting. So smile, because they will be able to tell that you are smiling. It will make your answers seem more energetic and enthusiastic and it will make you seem like you are super excited, which you should be!!

    whip out that cheshire cat smile for your PI
  4. Visualize why you love Disney. If you have gotten this far in the application process and in this article, it’s probably because you have a deep love and passion for Disney!! Keep your love for Disney in mind during your PI. If you start to feel nervous, discouraged, or negative about your PI or the DCP, remember why you are doing all of this. It’s because Disney is a super magical company and you want to be a part of that magic! Let your love for Disney shine through in your answers, and don’t be afraid to express to your interviewer how much you love Disney or how much it has impacted your life. Don’t be unprofessional about it, because at the end of the day it is a professional interview for a job. But, it is okay to express that Disney has brought a lot of magic into your life, and that you want to bring that same magic to others. 🙂
  5. Finally, answer with pixie dust! This is Disney. They aren’t trying to trick you when they ask you different questions. If you’ve been to any of the Disney parks, you know what a Disney cast member is like and what Disney is looking for. All Disney cast members are HAPPY!! They are positive, energetic, vibrant, hard-working, and dedicated. They are part of the magic at the parks. With that being said, you need to show your interviewer that you can be that kind of cast member and that you are ready to bring magic to people’s lives everyday at Disney World or Disneyland. So answer with pixie dust, meaning answer the questions the way that you think a Disney cast member would. 04BMpI7

So these 5 tips are my advice to you for your PI. Keep these 5 things in mind for your PI, and you are sure to be a standout. Who knows, all of your dreams could start with the DCP. So good luck!! I am sending pixie dust your way. 🙂 And follow me along on my blog and Instagram to see different updates during my program!

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