Disney in Different Cities: Honolulu

Hello & welcome to my second edition of Disney in Different Cities! Today I am featuring a city near and dear to my heart, Honolulu! My oldest sister lives in Oahu, so I have fortunately been to Hawaii a few times. For those who may not know, Aulani is a Disney Resort on Oahu, and it is absolutely stunning!

IMG_0970Just look at this entryway. This is the first thing you see when you walk in! So today I am going to tell you about my experiences at Aulani. I have been twice, but have never actually stayed in the resort. So a few things to note, there is a lot less to do if you are not an actual guest at Aulani. However, you can still make the most of your time. There are a few restaurants that you can eat in, you can shop at the gift shops, walk around the resort, and take advantage of their beautiful cove! Our first visit, we ate in a restaurant called The Olelo Room. It was a really cute dining spot and had great food. My sister and I also laid out and swam in their cove during my second visit and it was a great little beach spot. However, if you are not a guest, you can’t swim in the pools in the resort, you can’t eat at select restaurants, and you can’t meet the characters during their meet & greets.

Crazy enough, Moana just came out about 6 months before my trip. I heard that she did meet & greets at Aulani (and I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet her because we weren’t staying in the resort) but I wanted to see her in person so bad because I love Moana! She is such a beautiful, strong, & independent princess. Me and my sister were walking around the resort when we turned the corner and saw Moana!! Clearly the character attendant who was with Moana could see my excitement because she asked me, “Do you want to meet Moana?!” I was in shock, but I replied, “Can I…?!” Because I knew I technically wasn’t allowed to. She decided to let me meet Moana anyways!! So Moana and I chatted all about wayfinding and her adventures with Maui. It was such a magical experience and she was even more stunning in person!


It was truly such an amazing experience, and I couldn’t have thanked that cast member enough!! She created such a magical experience for me and it makes me SO excited to make that magic happen for people everyday during my DCP….which is only 2 months away!! 🙂


Aulani is a great way to experience Disney magic on Oahu. But in my personal opinion, it’s a little more tailored towards families/kids, which isn’t super surprising considering it’s a vacation resort. Outside of the gift shops and character meet & greets, there aren’t very many Disney “things” in the resort. Aulani really doesn’t scream Disney like the other parks do. For someone like me who prefers everything to revolve around Disney, I think they could add a little more Disney influence into the resort. Don’t get me wrong though, it is still crazy beautiful and a great Disney vacation spot outside of the parks. So if you are planning a trip to Hawaii, definitely plan a trip to visit Aulani! 🙂

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