First Week of DCP

The first week of the Disney College Program is filled with excitement, nerves, uncertainty, and loads of fun. Going into the DCP, there is a lot of things that are unknown. Your exact work location is uncertain, where your apartment will be located, and what to expect from the required events such as the housing welcome session, Traditions, and casting. But it is also filled with so much excitement such as meeting your roommates in person, going resort hopping, and being in Disney World!!!

So here is a little rundown of what the first week of the DCP looks like based on my experience!

First and foremost, I was so excited to FINALLY meet my roommates in person. We had been texting and FaceTiming for months, and it truly felt like I had known them for years because we are all so similar. So the night before our check-in date, we all met up at Disney Springs with our families. It was an amazing feeling to get to finally see all of these girls in person. IMG_5581

August 6th, 2018. Move-in day was finally here!!!!! I had been waiting for this day for months. I was so excited to finally move-in to my apartment on Disney World property! All of the Disney housing complexes are located about 20 minutes from the parks. We didn’t get our first choice of housing, however we were still happy with the complex we received because it does not have bunk beds! So we live in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment. It is the perfect size for the 6 of us. And the best part is that the apartments are fully furnished!

Check-in is the most simple part of the first week. You simply head to the service center, and receive your housing ID and keys. You have to have your housing ID at all times to enter your complex through security.

After we moved all of our stuff up to the third floor, we began unpacking and running errands. I had two other sessions on the first day, my drug/alcohol test and casting. Casting moved very slow because they were really backed up. But the cool thing is that the casting building is beautiful! It has Disney paintings all around the walls and ceilings. At casting, we just did employment paperwork. The lady who did most of my paperwork actually worked in Adventureland during her college program 40 years ago. So we got to talk all about Adventureland and how much she loved it! It was so cool to hear about her experience.

After both of my sessions, I sadly had to take my mom to the airport. 😦 I miss her sooo much! But I can’t wait for her to head back to Orlando in a couple of months.

Then my roommates and I ran to the Target and then exchanged Roomie Gifts! Roomie gifts are kind of a DCP tradition where you give your roommates gifts at the beginning of the program. I was so pumped to give my roommates their gifts because my best friend from home, Katelyn, had hand-painted gifts for my roomies based on their favorite Disney movies, and they are absolutely stunning! When I gave them to my roomies, they were all so happy and a few of them even cried a little bit. It was the best feeling!


And here is a picture of the gifts from my roomies! I was shocked, I love them all and they are all so unique and thoughtful!


The next night we finished up our rooms and we headed out to go resort hopping! We went on the monorail to The Polynesian Resort, The Grand Floridian Resort, and The Contemporary Resort.
img_5614.jpgIMG_5708.JPGAnd below is the Disney Wedding Pavilion! It is a dream of mine to work for Disney Fairytale Weddings one day so seeing this in person was very exciting!IMG_5629.JPG

And we quickly headed over to the Disney Boardwalk to participate in another DCP tradition, The Kitchen Sink Challenge. The Kitchen Sink is a massive ice cream sundae that includes multiple flavors, every topping in the ice cream shop, and a WHOLE CAN OF WHIPPED CREAM!! When it comes out, lights go off around the restaurant and it comes out in a literal kitchen sink!

And of course…. we finished it!


It was honestly kind of gross because it was a mix of so many flavors. We all felt a little sick after but hey, we did it!

The next day we had a housing meeting where we learned about the housing complex rules. It was very quick and straight to the point. And then the next day we went and got our Universal Studios passes! So we headed to Universal Studios for some butterbeer and lots of fun. IMG_4448.JPG

It was a very busy but incredibly fun first week with my besties! Next time I will tell you a little about Disney Traditions!! Stay tuned. 🙂

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