Disney Traditions

For those who don’t know, Disney Traditions is a required class at Disney University for new employees of the company. It is all about the history of the company and our founder, Walt Disney. Inside Disney University, the halls are lined with pictures of Disney history such as movies, cruises, parks, rides, etc. You can feel the magic right when you step in. All of the cast members who greet you are very friendly and welcoming. The class included about 45 people and was guided by 2 leaders. Both of my leaders were so kind and fun!

When you walk in, your name appears on the screen! Just a little start to the magic.


Now, I do not want to ruin all of the magic from the Traditions class for those who may be hoping to work for the company one day, because where is the fun in that?! So I am not going to reveal all of the magic and secrets from the class. But I will say, that my heart was filled with so much joy after I left. Learning new things about Walt and Roy Disney that I never knew before was absolutely incredible. It always blows my mind to think of all that they have created and how I am a part of their legacy today. It was also amazing to learn about some of the most magical moments that have been created at the parks. The parks would not be complete without cast members. They bring the magic to life and it was crazy to know that I would soon be making magic for thousands of guests.

There are soooo many surprises in the Traditions class…. but I will only reveal one. When we walked in, there was a red box in the center of each table. A few moments into the class, we all got to open the box which revealed… Mickey ears! So we all received our first pair of ears as cast members. It was so fun and cute. However, that is the only surprise that I will reveal. 🙂


And finally, the best part of the class is…… you get your name tag! Finally, I got to see my name on a Disney name tag (a dream of mine for as long as I can remember). And even better, it has my dream school written below my name, The University of Texas at Austin! Hook em :)! You can always tell that someone is in the Disney College Program if their name tag has their college written on it, rather than their hometown. When they called my name to grab mine, I was floating on cloud nine. I could not stop smiling!

Look how perfect she is!!!!

And finally, you receive your company ID which means…you can finally enter the parks for free! So the next day, I headed to Magic Kingdom with my roomies for the first of many, many times on our DCP.


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