DCP to Professional Internship

I am so ready to trade in my khaki for business clothes!

My 6 months of working at Disney World during the Disney College Program were by far the best months of my life. I feel so lucky to have had that experience and will cherish those memories forever with my Jungle Cruise Family and all of my DCP friends.

Unsurprisingly, I worked a LOT! Disney World is open 365 days a year, and the Magic Kingdom (my home park) is the most popular! So sadly I did not keep up with my blog as much as I’d hoped, because if I wasn’t working I was having fun in the parks!

With that being said, I’m going to attempt to fill in some posts with some of my FAV memories from my program as I lead up to the next Disney chapter in my life…. my Disney Professional Internship! This Summer & Fall I will be heading back to Orlando for my Disney PI: Disney Meetings & Events- Event Services. For those who know me well, you probably know about my dream of being an event planner, so this is beyond my wildest dreams!

I have received SO many questions about my internship and how it is going to affect my time at school. So here is a quick FAQ for anyone who has been confused.

Question: “So you aren’t finishing school?!”

Answer: That is not true at all! I will be finishing up my degree from the University of Texas at Austin through online courses that they offer. I am a senior at UT which means I am almost done with my degree! UT offers enough online classes so I will be able to wrap up my degree online & will still be walking the stage on time in Austin in May 2020.

Question: “Are you moving to California or Florida?”

Answer: I will be moving back to Florida to work with the Disney Word Meetings and Events Team as a part of Events Services. I am so excited to move back!

Question: “Are you working in the parks again?”

Answer: Nope. I am not working with park operations this semester, I will be in an office. 🙂 But I’m sure I will be in the parks often for meetings, events, and of course my days off.

Question: “How long will you be there?”

Answer: The internship goes from June-January 2020.

While I loved making magic at the World Famous Jungle Cruise, I am ready to make magic in a new way with the Meetings & Events Team. I can’t wait for my new dream to begin!



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